Pentalties to Mention/ Week 2

Hey Guys, week two of Flag Football is finally in the books. Everyone is settling down and getting comfortable with the rules and the pace of the game. The players are doing great with sportsmanship and overall attitude, but there are a couple penalties that we are seeing more then others-
Flag Guarding- Players Shall NOT Use Their Hands or Arms to Block Defenders from Reaching His/Her Flag.
Players Shall NOT Use The Ball from Reaching His/Her Flag. NO Stiff Arms. There is one way to make sure that you don’t flag guard and that is to run with the ball out in front of you.
Punt- During a punt before the ball is kicked NO offensive team can leave the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked. And the defense cannot make an attempt to block the punt. We are seeing a lot of movement on both sides of the ball on this one.

Other then these two common penalties the gameplay is going great, I hope you guys and girls are having as much fun as we are out there. Be safe and have a great week three!


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