Preseason Power Rankings

These are the picks fresh from the ESPN Ford Smart Board. These teams having a certain something in the crock-pot cooking up for the the season. If some teams get to hot this season you might see the popcorn all over the floor.

In the field of Co-Rec

1. Ball Hawks (for there tenacious D and perimeter shooting ability if they get hot they will plow the field) 2.Tune Squad/Monstars (in the classic Disney match up will Michael Jordan show up and be able to help, we will have to see) 3. Hamburgulars (They are out to steal anything they can buckets, balls and points)


1. The Tropics ( With the team headed up by Mike Monix in a late season trade this team will be ready)  2. The Gentleman ( There play is a smooth as silk with a seamless offense a win is easily inevitable)   3. ButterBoys (There style of offense is one in witch quickness and slick passes are key)


1. State Street ( With the home grown talent it will be hard to cheer against this team) 2. #TeamFeel Good ( There team lead by the Gorrillaz will be hard for them to miss a beat)


1. DTD (Just a feeling here but there 1-3-1 Defense will be sure to create turnovers) 2. FarmHouse ( With the legendary coach  Dale Davis heading up the squad the team is sure to win) 3. Kappa Sigma ( With Ted Turner owning the team there bank roll is filled with top talent)


1. Phi Mu ( With there perimeter play they will be spotting up all day) 2. Volleyball Team ( Height is a factor in this team will the other teams be able to measure up)

Stay tuned for next weeks picks after some scrimmage team scouting and breaking down the film the picks for next week will be sure to seed the field.


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