Beginning of The Season

Hello Toppers

This week we held scrimmage games and there were some interesting games that were decided by last second shots.

Buzzer Beaters of the Week

The Gentlemen (23) and The Kekambus (21).  In this lob city matchup which was very heated. the gentlemen led by floor general Chip Anderson drove down the court and set up the last play which was a nice pick and pop by Ethan Gibson with 4 seconds left on the clock. This Austin Rivers type mentality by the gentlemen will be one of which can lead them into the playoffs.

Trill ENT (23) and Heat City (24). In this battle of the Titans the team that could finish the game out down the stretch proved to be the winner. Teams like this that can execute in the second half will be dancing in March.

After watching some of the scrimmage games the preseason power rankings have been revised.

Divison 1  Leggo (this team has all the little pieces to put a great season together)   Heat City (this team will be burning up the courts all season long so come watch the show)

Divison 2 State Street (all this home grown talent will be hard to stop) Stepdads (this team shows a real family/teamwork ability that will keep them at the top of there rankings)

Frat Farmhouse (this team is filled with a nice one two combo but it will be the intangibles that help this team out the most) Fiji White (when this team scores more points than the other team they usually win )

CoRec Toon Squad (with all the pieces to the puzzle this team should not be taken lightly) WKU All Stars (They have a great bunch of outside shooters. Unfortunately, all the games are played indoors.)

Women Goon Squad (this team should be be a front runner but with an injury to one of there top scorers they will have to bounce back quickly) Volleyball Team (this team measures above the rest, rebounding will be a big part of there game hope you can dig it)

Games start this Sunday. Teams remember Basketball is 90% mental, The other half is physical.


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