Power Rankings Week #1

Hello Toppers,

This week we have seen lots of great match-ups and top notch talent.With all the close games and clutch performances, it has been really hard in assessing the talent and the team chemistry.


WKU All-Stars(This teams has all of the pieces for a run through the season and the playoffs) Lambda Chi-ADPi Shooters(With coaching insight from retired coach Bobby Cremins this teams game-plan will be above the rest)


Lambda Chi (With blue chip recruits from the hotbed of Georgia like Zac Ritchey this team has enough talent to glide through the season) Farmhouse (Led by seasoned veteran Mason Holloran there is nothing that can be done to rattle this team)


Goon Squad (Might want to change there team name to Broom City cause they are sweeping up the competition) Too Legit (This team has enough heart for the whole league, you can say they beat to a different drum)

Division 1

The Avengers (With Kyle Ball playing like Iron Man the competition will Marvel in awe) Duplex Suplex (The floor general Jordan Hinton can put holes in any defense; this team plays as smooth as clockwork if they’re hungry they go back four seconds)

Division 2

Bullets (Paying homage to the The Wizards, this team has the John Wall mentality to finish out games) Team Yolo (Basically a Warren Central High School Reunion, but hey you only live once)

If you didn’t make the cut play tough and hopefully you will have enough cream to rise to the top next week.

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