Power Rankings Week #2

Hello Fellow Toppers,

Starting next week the power rankings will come out on Wednesday, and Soccer starts on Monday and there will be another set of power rankings just for soccer.

CoRec (Nothing changing much in this division) WKU All Stars (This team is unstoppable and has a true grasp of the game, most consistent team I have seen in a while) Lambda Chi/ADPi Shooters (This team is well rounded and can really pass the ball, left handed or right handed it doesn’t matter there amphibious)

Division 2 (This league is still up for grabs) Team Yolo (This team has what it takes to get to the ship, as we all know team chemistry is the glue that holds this team together) StepDads (For this team there is really on 2 plays, Romeo and Juliet, and put the darn ball in the basket)

Division 1 Heat City (When this team scores more points than the other team they usually win) Team Leggoo (This team jells together just like a puzzle, so it is easy to see why they are on top)

Frat Sigma Chi Old School (This team takes the court with a vengeance and with that tenacity they can dominate the rest of the competition) FIJI White (With Eric Blair leading the point might as well just call this team LOB CITY East)

Women’s Goon Squad (With the power performance of this team they are blowing other teams out of the water) Kappa Delta( This team is so hot no wonder they are so close to the fans)

Next Weeks posts will include our second podcast and also power rankings for Basketball and Soccer. Comments are always accepted and encouraged in all our social media outlets so stop by and drop us a line.

Keep playing strong and see if your team has enough cream to rise to the top.


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