Chops Power Rankings Week 3 #swag

Hello Fellow Toppers,

Hope the week is going well as class is coming to the home stretch before spring break.

Basketball has been interesting this week and we have had some exciting match-ups.



Tune Squad ( This team has the “keys” to take them to the ship) WKU All-Stars (This team has been shining bright all year, and I expect this the rest of the season)


EX Old School ( They have a great defense that held a very tough Lambda Chi team to single digits in the second ) FIJI Purple ( This team shows true talent with outside shooters, no basket cases here)

Division 2 (There is so many teams on the bubble the playoff picture is changing daily)

Team Yolo (When your good your good) Elite ( With Nike backing them, they can get any free agent in the league they want to get to the top of the league)

 Division 1( Same as last week)

Heat City (This team shoots lights out, good thing there is a generator at Preston) Team Leggoo ( This team can catch on fire real quick with 20 point runs, good thing the pool is right next to the basketball courts)


Goon Squad ( This team has all around talent is any one going to stop them) Kappa Delta( This team commits petty larceny with how many steals they have a game )



Streets Ahead (Headed up by Landon Donovan this team is sure to win) Thundercats (This team led by seasoned veterans is sure to turn some heads on the field)


Chaos ( This team has enough strikers to burn the back of the net up) XX( With the forward play of Alecia Natale, she could lead the team to the ship)

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