Welcome Back

Welcome Back Toppers,

I hope you all had a good time soaking up the sun and enjoying the free time with no class. Now that everyone is relaxed with great attitudes to kick-start a strong finish to the intramural semester. Now it is time to get back to the grind at the PHAC with the basketball regular season winding down and soccer playoffs coming up soon at the Intramural Sports Complex. So get pumped up and finish out the seasons strong a lot more sports coming up like handball, softball, kickball and more. Coming up this week on the blog will be playoff predictions, a new podcast, and live updates from Middle Tennessee State where two WKU intramural basketball teams will compete at this weekends regional, so stay tuned. As always any feedback you can give fell free to post on Twitter, Facebook or the Blog.

Don’t forget to get your bracket done the links are on our TWITTER  and Facebook pages. Softball registration closes on March 26th, which asks the question,  do we can have some ballstars out there.

61 Days Til Graduation Folks, so let’s make it count.

Best Team Name I’ve heard so far.  1-800-safe-votto (still unclaimed)


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