Soccer Update

Hello Toppers,

Who is excited for the big game tonight ? Big Blue Nation vs. Big Red Nation

Playoff predictions were posted yesterday for basketball so do not forget to take a look at those. Soccer playoffs will be posted on Tuesday and Basketball playoff brackets will be posted by the end of next week. Remember there is a chance for you to play on a night and time that is different from the leagues you played in during the regular season.

Example:      League Play (Tuesday/4:30pm)           Playoffs ( Wednesday/7:30pm)


KSA (With the guidance of Mohammed Fallatta who has played internationally this team will be hard to beat)

GDI Platinum (Platinum has shown great skill and passing ability during the year. Connor Holland really understands the team aspect of the game)

Sigma Nu Knights (The Knights have a 2-0 record and Cory Kenney in the keeper spot Sigma Nu should post a shut-out in the playoffs and potentially win it all)


Chaos (With dominating play and lock down defense they will be a tough match-up when playoffs come. Stand out player Kelli Hawkins from what I have seen is the fastest player in the whole league, there isn’t a ball she can’t get to)

AXiD(AXiD plays with a lot of  speed led by Madison Peercy and look for them to be ready for the playoffs)

Don’t forget to check out for the soccer playoffs bracket which will be posted by the end of next week.


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