Weekend At MTSU

Hello Toppers,

Hope the first day of spring is treating you well with the great weather today.

Over the weekend the WKU Intramural Department sent two teams and two officials  to the MTSU Regional Basketball Tournament.  The teams representing WKU were The Goon Squad (women’s) and the Hilltoppers (men’s). The officials representing WKU were Stephen Fortney and Chadwell Young.

The Goon Squad were one of the nine teams in the women’s division.

Game 1 vs. MTSU Lady Raiders  (Goon Squad 45, MTSU 31) First half was a struggle for the team as the girls shots were not falling. In the second half Abby Steele started to drain 3’s which pulled the Goon Squad ahead. Stats: Abby Steele (15pts 5 boards 3 steals) Chelsea Mills (11pts 6 boards 1 block)

Game 2 vs. North Georgia  (Goon Squad 53, NGU 50) This game was one of the closest for the ladies. The high intensity of North Georgia kept the game close but the Goon Squad was able to close it out by hitting a few clutch free throws down the stretch.

Playoff game vs. North Georgia  (Goon Squad 47, NGU 29) The goon squad dominated this rematch as Abby Steele was making it rain all game, towels were needed after the game.

Championship vs. MTSU ( Goon Squad 50, MTSU 39) Chelsea Mills sustained an injury so it was scary for a moment but she came back with a ferocious performance which gained her Tournament MVP.

The Hilltoppers were in a bigger bracket and was one of twenty teams.

Game 1 vs. North Alabama (Hilltoppers 83, NAU 53)  The Hilltoppers dominated the whole game. Tyler Bruce and Scott Perkins keep NAU to a low shooting percentage with there tenacious defense.

Game 2 vs. TTU (Hilltoppers 54, TTU 63) A tough loss for the Hilltoppers. Scott Perkins fouled out with 5 minutes left so it was hard for the team to keep up with the limited roster they had.

Game 3 vs. MTSU Dream Team (Hiltoppers 85, MTSU 97) In this high scoring affair the Hilltoppers let fatigue set in and just couldn’t keep up with the dream team.

The men’s team came up short to make bracket play but we are still proud of them for representing well.

The Goon Squad won the Championship and will be heading to N.C. State in April for the ACIS national championship in Raleigh.

Our Officials also competed this weekend. Stephen Fortney represented well and was chosen for a playoff game which is a great honor at these tournaments.


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