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Hello fellow Toppers!

Another great day at the Preston Center and some mind-boggling upsets for our soccer championships Wednesday night! For the Women’s championship team Emanon came out with a close win ending in a shootout.  For Men’s championship KSA pulled out a close one as well beating The Big Green 2-1.


The semifinals for womens was a close game for Emanon and AXiD ending in a shootout.  Emanon snatched up the victory real quick in the shootout thanks to their unbelievable accuracy in the penalty kicks and their keeper’s (Meaghan Dunn) magnificent blocks in the goal winning the shootout 3-0 and advancing to the championship game.  Chaos also defeated Dream Team 3-1 to advance to the championship game.

For the Women’s championship Chaos thought they had the game in the bag leading Emanon 2-1; however, Emanon had a corner kick with 1 minute left to play tieing the score 2-2. Emanon keeper, Dunn, a Gatton Academy student, again came out strong for her team blocking almost every Chaos penalty kick they shot at her to get the championship win for her team.  Emanon defeated Chaos with the final score, including the shootout, being 6-3.


Men’s semi-finals game was an upset with #4 seed, The Big Green, defeating #1 seed, That Really Good Team, 4-1 in a shootout.  In reference to the Disney film The Big Green, I bet you The Big Green wished they had a goat on the sidelines for this game for That Really Good Team’s captain Shane Milburn to kiss after that loss in the shootout! The other semi-final game ended in a high-scoring close game with the international students of KSA barely beating GDI Platinum 6-5.

The Men’s championship was also a close and exciting one since KSA brought their hundreds of fans from all around the world.  The game was intense throughout with the score early in the game tied 1-1.  KSA scored with 10 minutes left in the second half making the score 2-1.  The Big Green didn’t have a chance after this and KSA finished strong with the win.  KSA was so excited about the victory you would have thought they had just won the World Cup!

Coming Soon to a Field Near You

Softball season starts next week and also Basketball playoffs for all you March Madness folks so be ready to come out and participate in WKU Intramurals!


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