Softball, 2 Ball/ 3 Point and Bunny Hop 5K.

Hello Toppers,

Glad to back from my trip in Louisiana, Hope this week is going well for you all out there. I bet a few of you are raveling in the Wildcat win last night. That is not the only championship that will be claimed this week.  2 Ball/3Point and 5k Bunny Hop champions will be crowned this week and you know what that means “T-Shirt Time”.  Also there is a potential of a life size chocolate bunny for the 5K winner.

Softball starts tonight and with the weather warming up is going to be a fun time out there. All softball games are played at the Hattie L. Preston Intramural Sports Complex on Campbell Lane. Due to the limited amount of gloves it would behoove you to bring your own.

Best Team Name So Far : The Ichibros.

Stay Tuned for Softball Rankings Tomorrow and  The Podcast on Thursday.

As always follow us on TWITTER @wkuintramurals and give us some feedback on what you would like to see on the blog.


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