Basketball Semi Finals/Championships and Softball

Hello Toppers,

Well the semester is winding down with basketball playoffs  done this Thursday and softball playoffs will start next week. You can almost smell that summer is creeping up on us. Handball is our only mini-league sport left and it is an adaptation of basketball and hockey. So if you are looking for something a little different come on out and ball til you fall.  Also tomorrow the Intramural Recreational Sports Department will be hosting a corn-hole tournament in the Preston Center, the winner receiving half of the pot the entry fee which is 10$.

Basketball has been a fun and it seems like it has lasted the whole semester which it has. Tonight there are a great slate of games  but I feel if you had to choose one to watch it would be this one. Also there will be twitter updates of the games so you can follow them even if you decide not to stop by the Preston Center tonight.

Game of the Night in Basketball

Utterly Ridiculous vs Billy Hoyle

Adam Vance has led Utterly Ridiculous to the playoffs and they seem very poised for their match-up against the underrated Billy Hoyle team. With the low post play of Scott Perkins, also known as the garbage man for his ability to clean up the glass making this an exciting match-up to watch.

Softball is just starting up and nothing feels like summer more than clean cut grass and the clang of a bat. Softball is a great time here at the intramural department and the great weather aides in the fun times had out at the Intramural Sports Complex. There are some good match-ups this week but I expect this one to be the most heated.

Game of the Night in Softball

EX Big Hitters vs. O.P.P

Michael Perry from the Big Hitters has made his way up through the farm system and is the most consistent player I have seen all season.  Jake Boswell from O.P.P has a cannon of an arm so I’m expecting the score to be low.

Don’t forget that you must have your teammates signed up for softball on by 11:55 pm on Sunday so they will be able to play in the playoffs.

Stay tuned for the Softball Power Rankings tomorrow.

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