Recap of Semi Finals and Finals Preview

Hello Toppers,
Half way through the week here on the hill and things couldn’t be better.  The games at the Preston Center were exciting and action packed.
Womens Recap
  • Swag Attack upset Goon Squad due to the low turn out of the ladies on the Goon Squad who played with only 4 most of the first half.
  • Too Legit beat WKU’s Finest by 6 in a game that was close the whole time.
    Championship Game:   Swag Attack v. Too Legit    4-12-12 (5:30pm)
Co-Rec Recap
  • WKU All-Stars dominated The Rebel Alliance by 22 with the skills and ability of Andre Miller this team is poised to put another trophy in the case.
  • The Tune Squad pulled out a squeaker against America’s Team.Garry Fields of Tune Squad was knocking down shots all night.
Championship Game: WKU All Stars v. The Tune Squad    4-12-12 (7:30pm)
Frat Recap 
  • FIJI White took Lambda Chi A to overtime where the true talent shined and FIJI ended up getting the W by 10.
  • In the EX(Old School v. G Series) matchup both teams played well but someone had to win and that ended up being G Series.
Championship Game FIJI White v. EX G Series  4-12-12   (9:30pm)
D2 Recap
  • Team Yolo dominated the Kekambas the whole game. The tone was set real early which is why Team Yolo won by 18.
  • Billy Hoyle  also did not have a hard time, beating the undersized Utterly Ridiculous by 17.
Championship Game Billy Hoyle v. Team Yolo 4-12-12 (6:30pm)
D1 Recap
  • The Pandas lead by Lee Hubbard took the win against Team Leggoo by 5 in a very high scoring game, it came down to who can make shots.
  • Team Win took on a strong team in Heat City but Team Win did what they do best, WIN by 10.
Championship Game Team Win v. The Pandas   4-12-12 (8:30pm)

Softball Power Rankings

1.Smallhouse this team just has it all. Led by Justin Merimee who has his squad ready and destine for the playoffs. Plus it does help having all that local talent.
2.#chicsdidthelongball with the youth of this team all they do is run and they are as aggressive on the base path as any team I have seen.  Not so much the long ball but this team can sure put some runs on the board.
3.7th Floor Expos sure do look flashy with there bright uniforms. Houston Bunton has his team back from the disappointing season last year and looks like they are headed in the right direction.
1. Omega Phi Alpha has an unheralded spirit that is like no other team. Emily Smith is as dominating on the field just as she is off the field.
2. I’d Hit That is sure a good team to watch. They are what they say they are a team full of hitting machines. They are on the way to having a great season.
3. The Volleyball Team has an edge on most teams due to the athletic ability. Height is not the only thing this team has, the nack for the game is going to take these ladies to the playoffs.

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