Softball POWER Rankings!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Toppers,

Things on the hill are looking great today. I hope you all are enjoying the finishing stretch of classes as we all glide into summer.  We have 2 sports left Softball and Handball and then the Intramural Season is over.

Softball has been awesome this season with the limited rain-outs and the great talent on each team.

The Power Rankings this week are the teams that I feel have the best Chance to win the Championship


1.#chicsdigthelongball. They have been a sensational team all season. Sizzling outfielder Levi Hardin has been burning up the turf with his speed on the base path and in the outfield.  This team is put together well and I expect to see them come championship night.

2. SWINGERS.   Chris Page has an unheralded knowledge of the game and with his leadership the SWINGERS can make it to the ship. Offense has not been a problem for this team and I expect the same production the rest of the playoffs.


1.Emanon . These lady’s have been on fire this season . April Duncan has been dropping bombs all season and has the swing of a natural. If Emanon can tighten up some things defensively they will have no problem bringing home some fresh T-Shirts.

2. Volleyball Team .   Packed with talent this team has had an easy season so far. I expect the same the playoffs.  Lindsay Spears has played a pivotal role as this team has been rolling over teams with ease.


Not much of an update here as the season has just started.  But it looks like both FIJI teams are of to hot starts.

Stay tuned for the podcast tomorrow.

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