Spring 2013 Sports Preview Part I

Hello Toppers,

So here we are, on the cusp of another in-depth intramural season here at Western Kentucky University. As basketball registration starts to crank up, let’s take a look at the upcoming events for the spring semester.

Doubles Badminton – Registration has just ended for this duel-competitor sport, where 40 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams will square off in a single elimination battle for 1st place bragging rights and the all-mighty champion T-Shirt. Look for an in-depth breakdown of doubles badminton later this week.

ImageBasketball – Probably the most anticipated sport of the spring semester, basketball will prove to be the most competitive of the sports with heavy competition from veteran teams like NWO and SAE Gold to uprising teams such as the Mean Machines and Dem Church Boyz. The Women’s league looks to be just as competitive as Chi Omega, led by all-star Jensen Ricke, comes to compete against the All-University Points leading Kappa Delta. Which group of ladies will have what it takes to knock down the powerful girls of KD?

Singles Racquetball – Look for Racquetball to start up February 15th. Registration will open next week, February 4th.

Soccer – I’m sure the cold weather won’t hold any of our students back from this springs Soccer season. Jeffery Creech and the FIJI boys look to redeem themselves from a disappointing quarter-finals loss in last year’s playoff run. We’ll see a lot of familiar faces from our championship team SAE Purps. Look for Soccer signups to start February 4th with play beginning on the 18th.

Battleship – Wondering what Battleship actually is? Don’t worry, it’ll be the most fun you have all year long. Look for registration to start February 11th.

Wiffleball/March Madness/Softball – Our sport junkies will enjoy when our annual March Madness bracketology kicks into gear as college basketball nears tournament time. Wiffleball looks to be a great introduction to our softball season starting in April.

That’ll wrap up the first half of the spring sports; look for the second half sports to bring just as much excitement as the first half later this semester.


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