Pre-Season Basketball Rankings

Well intramural fans, its that time again. Lacing up the ankle braces, pumping up the Air Max Nike’s, fans cheering your name as the final buzzer rings! Preseason basketball is under way and we’re going to list our top 5 teams from each basketball league.

CoRec  – 5) nWo – Captain Richard Kent looks to get his nWo squad relevant this year with a favorable schedule. heather Sterns will prove to be a match-up nightmare for other teams with her sub 4.5 40-yard dash speed and an unstoppable turnaround jumper.

4) Staff Infection – 17-year intramural veteran Jordan Gardner has her eyes set on a playoff berth for the 12th time in her career.  Unfortunately the championship game has always managed to be an unreachable setting for her. Is this the year she turns her team into champions?

3) FIJI/ADPi – Although they may play in a weak division, this FIJI/ADPi combo has proven to be a strong collaboration in the past and should continue to do so when they advance in the playoffs later this year.

2)LXA/KD White – Its no secret that the Kappa Delta ladies are athletic. Teams will be gunning for the top spot in the Monday 7:30 division and this LXA/KD White team may be the obstacle to overcome to win.

1) SAE/KD Green – SAE men + Kappa Detla ladies = Champions. enough said. Chuck Norris would have trouble taking on this team down.

Women’s 5) Too Legit – This team brings back several veterans while mixing in some fresh talent as well. How well they mesh together will determine the fate of this sink-or-swim team.

4) Chi O – The ladies of Chi Omega dominated last weeks badminton tournament. Seeing how well they’ll fare in a tough Wednesday division will be interesting after failing to make the playoffs last year.

3) Kappa Delta White – Probably the most well-rounded sorority team at Western. After running away with Flag Football championships last semester, look for KD White to claim  spot in the finals this year.

2) WKU Soccer – Well one thing is for certain, these ladies will NEVER get tired! Expect WKU Soccer to ware down their competition and make the playoffs with ease.

1) Volleyball – Our experts give Volleyball the #1 spot over WKU Soccer fun several reasons: jumping, indoors, no cleats, no kicking, and they’re just as athletic. Heather Boyan and the Volleyball gals look to be the clear favorite throughout the season.

Men’s D2/D1/Frat – 5) The Ville – This team has the potential to be the best intramural team at WKU if they can just control their emotions. Look out for SG Andre Farrell to play a key leadership role to help his squad into the playoffs.

4) SAE Purple – This team may not be as talented as the rest of our Top 5 teams, but a favorable schedule in a weak division will allow SAE to grab a high seed with a decent playoff run.

3) EX Old Gold – Captain Raymond Shears and his team should cruise to several victories in the regular season, placing them in the top 2 by season’s end.

2-1) PIKE GOLD/Bullets – Unfortunately these two teams won’t have the opportunity to play one another, and our expects were at a loss to place 1st. You would think that Phil Jackson was on the sideline for both of these squad…all they do is WIN WIN WIN NO MATTER WHAT! (Did you catch that T-Pain reference?)

Check next week blog’s for a recap of week one of basketball.




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