February Madness? BattleShip Preview

Hey following tops, what a start to the intramural intramural basketball season! Upsets, blowouts, and overtime buzzer beaters that would have made ESPN’s Top 10 Plays jealous. Lets recap on some of the action:

Division I – The Ville vs. Louisville Heat

The competition definitely heated up for these two teams this past Wednesday, as a physical game put these squads in our first overtime game of the regular season. As time expired, Dawan Robinson for The Ville was unable to sink a game winning 3-pointer. A fantastic finish with Louisville heat taking the W with a 47-45 victory.

Womens – Chi-O vs. KD White

The ladies of Chi Omega flaunted their basketball skills this past Wednesday, running up the score against the favored Kappa Delta White team. Jennifer Hanks and Heather Redmon put on a clinic of scoring and rebounding, each having 12 and 17 point respectively and 7 and 10 rebounds respectively. Chi-O won 41-7. Next week they face Swag Attack in a match-up of unbeaten teams.

Fraternity – FIJI Purple vs. SAE Gold

In a close battle from beginning to end, I feel sorry for anyone not watching this game! In the end, the athleticism of FIJI and silly mistakes made by SAE late in the game tells the tale of the 10 point difference. FIJI defeats SAE 42-32.

  Division II – Afrobeards vs. Dirty Mike and the Boys

Probably the most intriguing match since the start of the season, this game started off with a bang as a fan-led nation anthem grabbed the attention of the entire arena. The game wasn’t that bad as well. Zach Darst dropped 20 points and 7 dimes to lead Dirty Mike and the Boys past Afrobeards, 38-33. Dirty Mike and the Boys will face off with the Wu-Tang Clan next week in our Game of the Week!

CoRec – Ballstars vs. Red Ram Rods

James Graves led a talented Ballstars squad to victory last Wednesday versus a Red Ram Rods team that brought championship experience. This upset left our experts scratching their heads. But still giving credit where credit is due, the Ballstars delivered a stellar performance in front of a crowd that appreciated the underdog mentality. Ballstars won 40-23.

Battleship Preview

“You sunk my battleship!” That’s what teams will be yelling this weekend when they find themselves capsized in their own canoe. Using buckets and shields, teams of 4 will try to keep their boat above water while dumping water into the opposing teams’ canoes. A fair warning to all teams: the more you move, the more water that creeps into your own canoe! Look for our announcement of the champions next week!Image


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