Basketball AP Poll; Battleship Recap

After a couple of weeks of exciting basketball, we’re ready to give you our top 5 teams from each division with highlights of our top teams.


5) Chi-O (2-1-0)

4) Dream Team (1-1-0)

3) WKU Soccer (2-0-0)

2) Too Legit (3-0-0)

1) Swag Attack (3-0-0)

Our top 3 teams remain undefeated for the time being. Too Legit and Swag attack don’t match up in the regular season, so we could be looking at a potential finals showdown if these teams finish at the top spots. But don’t count out WKU Soccer, this super athletic squad will be a tough opponent for any playoff team they face.

Men’s – D-II:

5) Mimosa Minutemen (2-0-0)

4) Wildkatz (3-0-0)

3) Church Boyz (2-0-0)

2) Dream Team (3-0-0)

1) Louisville Celtics (3-0-0)

In a competitive Division 2 league we’ll be sure sure see several teams finish with undefeated records, but as of now, these 5 teams are the clear front runners. The Mimosa Minutemen bring in veteran gameplay to crush their last two victims. It’ll be interesting to see how they will match up against a team with just as much experience. The Louisville Celtics proved why they deserved the #1 spot in a tough vicotry last night versus Kindred Spirits. Anthony Bowman led the team in points and rebounds with 13 and 17 respectively. Next week the schedule seems to  a bit easier as the Celtics will face off against Big Blue Nation.


5) nWo (2-1-0)

4) Space Jam (2-0-0)

3) SAE/Kappa Delta (2-0-0)

2) EX/Chi O (2-1-0)

1) BallStars (3-0-0)

No clear contender seems to be emerging from our CoRec division, but there is still plenty time left in the regualr season for things to turn around and spice up. The match up last night between BallStars and EX/ChiO was a barn-burner for sure. As BallStars edged out a one pint victory and claimed our top spot. None of these teams should be relaxing though, the competition is sure to increase as teams like Staff Infection and EX/AOPi find their mojo.


5) PIKE GOLD (2-1-0)

4) EX Gold (3-0-0)

3) FIJI White (3-0-0)

2) SAE Gold (1-1-0)

1) FIJI Purple (3-0-0)

Intense games, packed crowds, and some late minute drama has been the story of this league. And we want some more! FIJI Purple has asserted themselves as the clear #1, by defeating SAE Gold in 42-32 grudge match and by using suffocating defense to mercy rule Pike Garnet a week later. EX Gold and FIJI White are tearing their respective divisions apart; look for both teams to make a strong playoff run.

Men’s D-I

5) The Ville (1-1-0)

4) Get Money (1-1-0)

3) Team Win (3-0-0)

2) nWo (2-0-0)

1) Louisville Heat (3-0-0)

The Ville’s OT loss to #1 Louisville Heat dropped them a few spots from our per-season polls, but this team still has the talent to win the the title. Especially now that superstar Kyle Westerfield has returned from team suspension. Although Team Win is undefeated, they seem to be benefiting from a weak schedule, which may hurt them later this season. We’ll see if they can shake off the sportsmanship issues to grab a high seed in the playoffs. Image

So how about the Battleship action last Saturday?! 11 teams took their athleticism and strategy to the pool as they tried to sink their opponents boats. Congrats to our 1st place team, Poseidon’s Children!


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