Basketball Finals and Softball Update

What a week for basketball championships! With the NCAA National Champs, Louisville and UConn taking home their trophies on earlier this week, who would be the teams on top for our intramural leagues?? Our panel of experts on our weekly podcast predicted each championship game winner, here’s how they picked:

Nick – WKU Soccer (W), Hypebeast (CoRec), Mimosa (DII), Louisville Heat (DI), SAE (Frat); Record 3-2

Jarrode – Too Legit (W), Hypebeast (CoRec), Mimosa (DII), Team Win (DI), SAE (Frat); Record 3-2

Andrew – Too Legit (W), WKU (CoRec), Cody Mattinglys (DII), Louisville Heat (DI), SAE (Frat); Record 3-2

Malcolm – WKU Soccer(W), Team Win(DI); (Picked 2) Record: 2-0

Basketball – DII – Mimosa Minutemen Black vs. Cody Mattinglys: In an OT thriller, Mimosa Minutemen rose to the occasion earning themselves their first ever Intramural Championship. Led by PG Zach Eastham and big man Kelby Dowell, Mimosa was able to shutdown Greg Brook and company. Dowell led the floor by grabbing 24 total rebounds and finishing with 11 points. After the game we were able to get a word in from fellow Mimosa teammate Jedidiah Mounce, “We knew if we could get the ball inside against [Mattingly’s] defense that [Kelby] would be able to score easily, we stuck to the game plan and kept pushing each other to finish strong.”

Basketball – CoRec – WKU vs. Hypebeast – Keeping up with the drama, the CoRec final didn’t disappoint! All-Stars Whitney Reed and Novanda Thomas for team WKU made the difference on the floor to give WKU the win over Hypebeast. Reed and Thomas used their impression dribbling skills to beat several defenders to the hoop. “Those girls were unstoppable,” quoted from fellow teammate Kyle Westerfield, “I mean, the girls get more points when they score, so if I had an open shot I still gave the ball up to our girls because they were ballin’, and it and seemed to work well for our team.”

Basketball – Women – WKU Soccer vs. Too Legit – In a battle that went straight down to the end, WKU Soccer took our 1st place honors by defeating Too Legit 30-29. In this defensive struggle, the zone defense used by WKU Soccer shut down all-pro ball handler Whitney Reed by only holding her to 6 points throughout the game. WKU Soccer definitely did their homework in scouting for this game, as the 2-3 zone defense kept Too Legit out of the paint. Uncharacteristic for this Too Legit squad was their low 3-point shooting percentage (17%!!) By only sinking three 3-pointers of the 17 shots taken from behind the arc, Too Legit had to find other ways to score, but to no avail.Image

Basketball – Men’s DI – Team WIN vs. Louisville Heat – All they do is WIN WIN WIN NO MATTER WHAT! That’s right; Team WIN took over in the 2nd half of the final DI game of the season, giving them the edge of the Louisville Heat by a score of 44-42. After trailing by 7 at the half, veteran SG Kaulen Marlow and rising superstar Chris Dixson led Team WIN on a 13-3 run to open the 2nd half and take the lead. “I just wanted the ball, I knew they couldn’t stop me,” said Marlow in our post-game interview. The Heat were able to pull within two points with a Hail Mary 3-pointer, but it was to no avail as the buzzer sounded, solidifying Team Win’s championship glory.

Basketball – Fraternity – EX Golden Glory vs. SAE Gold – In a hard fought battle that went down to the wire, EX surprised many of our spectators by taking a seven point lead early in the second half, captain Raymond Shears led all players in points with 15. Ten of those points coming in EX’s second half run to lead the game. Tyler Bruce of SAE struggled to find his rhythm all game, only going 2 of 15 from the floor and 2 of 5 from the free throw line to finish with 7 points. SAE’s Ben Hubbard and Jeff Anderson rose to the occasion though, lifting SAE to a one point lead in the final seconds of the game. EX’s Hayden had an opportunity to sink the game winning shot as time expired but fell just short of the rim to give SAE another championship photo with those prized red t-shirts.


Women’s – Dream Killers vs. AXiD – The Dream Killers had a solid performance out of their pitch Cassidy Crim to hold AXiD to only 2 runs the entire game. Crim also had the hot bat as well leading her team with 6 RBI’s and 3 runs herself to blowout AXiD 16-2. All-Star shortstop Shelby Elmore also went 4 for 4 at the plate, driving in 3 runs. Dream Killers anticipate a #1 seed position when the playoffs open.

Men – BCMpact vs. Red Sox – In a late night Wednesday matchup between these two squads, the Red Sox, a freshmen crew, came through with the W as they defeated BCM 9-1. Captain Kyle Baker led the lineup and the charge as he went 3-4 batting, all three hits being doubles. With two runners on, Tyler Washington jacks a bomb to centerfield, burning the CF of BCM to drive in both runs and him for an inside-the-park homerun. Watch out for these boys in the playoffs!

Well the school semester is winding down and so are our sports; the last registration open is corn hole which closes April 15th, and takes place on the 20th starting at 10am at the Preston Center. Be sure to get your teams signed up!

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