Volleyball Playoff Preview & Flag Football Rankings Week 2

Hello topper nation! We’ve got some exciting news on volleyball playoffs and our first flag football rankings for this season, but first here are some dates you should write down for intramural registration!

Football Skills – Registration ends Monday Sept. 23rd. Walk ups are welcome so be sure to come over after your flag football games.

Athlete Combine – Registration ends Tuesday Sept. 24th. Walk ups are also welcome.

Table Tennis is now a mini-league sport! Meaning you’ll get 4 regular season games. Registration begins next Monday Sept. 30th.

Now that the volleyball regular season has wrapped up, lets take a look at some of the top seeded teams.

ChiO/Lambda Chi – Main reason they’re seeded #1…SERVING MACHINES! Good luck returning one.

Mob Squad – A lot of height mixed with good jumpers. Probably a final four team. Seeded #2

Emanon – Not the most creative name in the bunch, but with a #4 seeding they’re doing something right! But except an early flop by this team early in bracket play.

Flag Football Rankings

Men’s Top 10

10) The Work4froce

9) Mimosa Minutemen

8) Blazers

7) Sigma Chi Gold

6) Bashers

5) FIJI Purple

4) East Atlanta Birds

3) LXA Purple

2) RecNAtion

1) SAE Gold

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