Volleyball Championships and Flag Football Power Rankings for Week 3.

Hello toppers, its a beautiful day on the hill! And we’re in the heart of flag football season, as well as wrapping up volleyball next week with championship games set for Tuesday, October 1st. We know you’re looking forward to those Flag Football Power Rankings, but first we’ll  wrap up the Football Skills Challenge and give you some registration dates for next week as well.

Dodgeball – Registration Starts Monday, Sept 30th. Deadline for teams is Oct 7th!

Table Tennis – Registration Starts Monday, Sept 30th. Deadline for to sign up in Oct 7th!

Spikeball – Registration Starts Monday, Oct 7th.

Football Skills Challenge

Football Skills incorporated 3 events: a punt, pass and kick off station. Each Participant received 2 attempts for each station to punt, pass, and kick the football as far as possible. Our men’s winner, Ridge Green of Sigma Chi, finished with a total of 135 points, (punt 43 yards, kick 46 yards, pass 46 yards). Our women’s champ, Sarah Stukenborg of Chi Omega, finished with a final score of 54 (punt 20, pass 18, kick 16).


  • Women’s League – We’re down to the Final Four in our Women’s League: KD Green, Mermaids, Safe Sets, and AXiD Blue are remain to fight for the title. Our Predictions: KD Green to defeat AXiD Blue in the finals.
  • Men’s League – With 8 Teams left, look for the Mimosa Minutemen, FIJI Purple, the Blockheads, and EX Blue to find there way in the Final Four.
  • CoRec League – Chi O/Lambda Chi come in as the #1 seed, but can they make it all the way to the finals? They can’t afford to sleep on the KA/KD (#9 seed) squad this coming Monday.

Flag Football Power Rankings for Week 3


5) Girls of Fall (1-1)

4) ADPi (1-0-1)

3) Chi O (2-0)

2) Blitzin Bombshells (2-0)

1) Kappa Delta Green (1-0)

Men’s Division II

5) Bashers (1-1)

4) Turbo Turtles (2-0)

3) The Work4orce (2-0)

2) Pylon Pythons (2-0)

1) Mimosa Minutemen (2-0)


5) Merica (2-0)

4) FIJI (2-0)

3) Dream Killers (2-0)

2) SAE Gold/KD (2-0)

1) That Other Team (2-0)


5) KA Deep Threat

4) FIJI Purple (2-0)

3) KA Gold (2-0)

2) SAE Gold (2-0)

1) EX Gold (2-0)

Men’s Division I

5) Mimosa Minutemen Black (1-0-1)

4) Savages (1-0-1)

3) HYLYFE (2-0)

2) Speed Kills (2-0)

1) Blazers (2-0)

We sure to check back next week as we recap Volleyball Championship games and updated Flag Football rankings! Go TOPS!


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