Preseason Basketball Power Rankings

Basketball season is back in full swing on the hill, we’ve already seen a buzzer beater in a Division-I game and several close games across all divisions. This post isn’t about the close games this season, the teams on these power rankings shouldn’t see much of a test throughout the regular season. If you are just a fan of intramural basketball, circle these teams as a team you want to make sure you see, if you are an opponent of one of these teams, circle these games on your calendar as a night you’ll need to bring your A++ game.


5. Mimosa Minutemen+Women (0-0)

We know the Minutemen have championship experience, but can their ladies elevate their game to keep up? With players like Kristin Abney, we certainly think so.

4. SAE/KD (0-1)

Not even an opening night loss to Fiji/AOII could chase SAE/KD from our Co-Rec power rankings. Chris Brasher, Whitney Johnson and Morgan White will bring the veteran leadership needed to right the ship in a tough division

3 The Money Team (1-0)

The Money Team is 1-0 without taking the court thanks to an opening night default, but with Ryan Lewis and Alexis Johnson, we didn’t need to see them on the floor to give them the #3 ranking.

2 FIJI/AOII (1-0)

An early season victory over SAE/KD propelled FIJI/AOII to the #2 spot in our rankings, and could give them the confidence they need to carry them deep into the Co-Rec Tournament

1 Lady Topper Elite (1-0)

The Lady Topper Elite came storming back to defeat KA/PhiMu 58-48, and despite an early scare we still feel confident having them at the top of our Co-Rec Power Rankings

Division I

3. Mimosa Minutemen Black (0-0)

We only felt the need to rank 3 teams in Division I, and the Mimosa Minutemen’s championship experience in Flag Football gave them the slight edge over a few teams for the #3 spot.

2. “Us” against “Them” (1-0)

Call them “The Ville”, or call them “Rec Nation,” call them whatever you want, but we’re calling them serious contenders and the #2 team in Division I. Expect Othello Bell to be the X-factor if “Us” against “Them” is in a tough game down the stretch.

1. NWO (1-0)

Richard Kent, Harold Miller and Ryan Lewis lead a talented NWO to the top spot in the Division I power rankings. There’s some concern with the lack of depth on this squad, but if they can avoid the injury bug we have no doubts that they will be one of the teams left come championship night.

Division II

5. Shield and Diamond

Eric Jones and Company look to make a splash in Division II, and they have the talent to do so. A couple early wins in a tough division could see these guys climbing the rankings very quickly.

4. Dirty Mike and the Boys (0-0)

One of last season’s surprises makes their return to our power rankings taking the #4 spot in our Division II rankings.

3. The Pancake Thugs

We’re not sure what the name means, but these guys can play. Look for three point shooting from Trey (they don’t call him trey for nothing) Stanley and Scotty Neat to keep them in every game.

2. Hardwood Hopefulls (0-0)

These guys aren’t just hopefulls, they have the talent and the willingness to compete on both ends of the floor that is the sign of a true contender. Mitchell Henry’s team will get challanged throughout the season, but we expect them to be clicking on all cylinders come the postseason

1. Team Poland (0-0)

Not many teams are ranked based on their performance in a preseason scrimmage, but when you play the defending Division-I Champions to a close game as a Division-II team, that will vault you to the top of our power rankings. Ryan Shaw has his team performing strong out of the gate


5. SAE Purple (0-0)

Can Cory Bruce fill his brothers shoes? Maybe not completely, but with Spencer McGuire and Will Ryan on the team as well, there is plenty of talent on this team for a solid run in the fraternity postseason

4. FIJI (1-0)

Eric Blair leads a team that should look to run the floor and score layups in transition. If you can slow down the fast break, Wade Weatherholt should be able to score enough on the inside to keep them in games.

3. KA White (1-0)

Jordan Nushart and Joshua Denton lead a KA White team that should have no trouble putting up points. Their 40-24 win over FIJI proved that they have the talent to compete with all the top teams in the Fraternity Division.

2. EX Gold (1-0)

This division is loaded, and EX Gold should take the top spot and be a high seed heading into the post season. Ryan Shears, Austin Disney and Will Conley lead a team that can hurt you inside and out on the offensive end as well as defend the length of the court.

1. SAE Gold (1-0)

The defending champions get the top spot in the power rankings, with championship experience and a pure scorer like Chris Brasher, there is no reason to doubt SAE Gold has what it takes to get back to the Finals.


3. AOII (0-0)

Samantha Lawson and Tessa Lanham provide the leadership that this team will need to put points on the board and navigate a tough early season schedule.

2. Kappa Delta Green (0-0)

These girls will definitely have last years early exit from the Women’s tournament on their mind every time they take the court this season. Whitney Johnson is too much of a competitor to let her team forget it. Add in the speed of Kaylin Carpenter and the shooting of Meredith Chinn and this is a team we really like.

1. WKU Soccer (0-0)

Defending Champions and a season on the soccer field to perfect team chemistry? This is a no brainer.

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