The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly Team Names. Basketball Preview – Week 2

With the first week of basketball in the books, we’ll take a look at what Week 2 has to offer with Game of the Week Picks. We’ll also analyze the best (and worst) team names this season – creativity is everything.

Division II – Game of the Week

Bricklayers (1-0) vs. the 1509’s (1-0) – Two teams that dominated in their first regular season games face off Wednesday at 8:30pm. Andrew Hull and rest of the 1509’s look to shut down a shifty Steven Jones, who finished with 9 points and 5 assists last week. Prediction: 1509’s win.

CoRec – Game of the Week

Sigma Chi/Chi O (1-0) vs. Killer Instinct (1-0) – Does Killer Instinct have the endurance to run with Will Conley and company? We’ll find out, because this EX/Chi Omega combo is one of the more athletic teams in CoRec this year. Prediction: Sigma Chi/Chi O wins.

Fraternity – Game of the Week

SigEp Red (0-1)vs. KA Gold (1-0) – SigEp Red took a tough loss last week from the defending Champs SAE Gold. The road doesn’t get any easier, as they’ll face KA Gold Sunday at 7:30pm. Prediction: SigEp Red wins.

Women’s – Game of the Week

AOII (0-1) vs. WKU Soccer (0-0) – Wednesday at 6:30pm, the Preston Center will be the place to be for Women’s basketball action! From our 3v3 basketball league this past fall, this game features two of our more dominant teams. Look for this game to go down to the wire. Prediction: AOII wins.

Division I – Game of the Week

Who’s Next (1-0) vs. Minutemen Black (0-0) – You should recognize a lot of familiar faces in this D1 match up, as  Michael Fluellen and his squad line up to face off against Nick Vaught and the rest of the Mimosa crew. Mimosa, a dominant intramural dynasty established over the last 2 semesters will face their toughest test yet in this game. Prediction: Mimosa wins. Image

Team Name Creativity – Where does your team stand?

The Good –

“Heisenbergs” – Great Walter White reference

“White Boy Wednesday” – Even better since you guys play on Wednesday

“Bucketologists” – Good word play from the common term Bracketology

“n.W.o.” – We all loved wrestling as children, great time-warp reference.

“Alcobalics” – Addicted to ballin’….I see you.

The Bad –

“Team Jacob” – Is Twilight your favorite movie?

“Free Beiber” – Don’t free Beiber

“Pippen Ain’t Easy” – This team name is older than me.

The Ugly –

“J.R. Smith’s Kids” – J.R. Smith’s Tattoos would have been more appealing.

“Kentucky Colts” – Wrong state. The Colts play in Indiana.

” ‘Us’ against ‘Them’ ” – As in every basketball game, you’re always playing “them”

Check back Monday, we’ll give you our favorites to win each division plus a few darkhorses to watch out for around playoff time!


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