Week 2 Power Rankings

Time again for our weekly power rankings for each division. Did another week on the court help or hurt your teams ranking? Who are the teams in each league to beat going forward? Whose one big win away from cracking the rankings? We answer these questions and more in this weeks power rankings.


5. SAE/KD (1-1, Last Week: #4)

4. Lady Topper Elite (1-1, Last Week : #1)

3. Mimosa Minutemen+Women (1-0, Last Week: #5)

2. The Money Team (2-0, Last Week: #3)

1. FIJI/AOII (2-0, Last Week #2)

The #1 team, Lady Topper Elite went down in Co-Rec, but only by 2 points so they remain in the top 5. No new teams join the rankings but FIJI, ADPI Diamond, EX/Chi O and Killer Instinct are both poised to make their way in to the top 5 with signature wins.

Division to watch: Monday 6:30. This division will be highly competitive, as evidenced by the fact that there has already been a tie. It will be a battle to see who can secure the 3 playoff spots, and whoever does will certainly be a team to watch out for come playoff time.

Division I:

3. Team Win (1-0, Last Week: Unranked)

2. “Us” against “Them” (2-0, Last Week: #2)

1. NWO (2-0, Last Week #1)

Dropped out: Mimosa Minutemen Black (0-1, Last Week: #3)

Team Win joins the top 3, as the defending champions showed that despite losing a few key players they will still be a force to be reckoned with in Division I. Mimosa drops out after a tough loss to Who’s Next on Sunday night. Who’s Next looks like to the next team into the power rankings should anyone in front of them stumble. Everyone else holds their spot with solid wins which were never much in doubt.

Division to Watch: Sunday 9:30. Both games in this league were close this past Sunday and any of these teams is capable of an upset on any given night.

Division II

5. Unusual Suspects (2-0, Last Week: Unranked)

4. Beastmode (1-0, Last Week: Unranked)

3. Shield and Diamond (1-0, Last week #5)

2. The Pancake Thugs (1-0, Last week #3)

1. Team Poland (1-0, Last Week: #1)

Dropped out: Hardwood Hopefulls (0-1, Last Week: #2), Dirty Mike and the Boys (0-1, Last week #4)

Definitely the League with the most shakeups in this week’s power rankings, highlighted by new #4 Beastmode’s 56-20 win over White Boy Academy. Look for Bucketologists and Team Jacob to be fighting their way into the power rankings in the coming weeks. We will also be keeping a close eye on The Squad as they play in their first game Wednesday at 5:30.

Division to watch:  Thursday 6:30. This division features #1 Team Poland as well as Team Jacob and Bucketologists who are potential dark horses. Dem Church Boyz had a solid season last year and should have an upset on their mind each time they take the floor.


5. LXA (2-0, Last Week: Unranked)

4. KA Gold (2-0, Last Week: Unranked)

3. FIJI (1-0, Last Week: #4)

2. EX Gold (2-0, Last Week: #2)

1. SAE Gold (2-0, Last Week #1)

Dropped Out: KA White (0-2, Last Week: #3), SAE Purple (0-1, Last Week: #5)

Even the most avid intramural fans and analysts miss something, and I clearly missed that KA Gold was the KA team to watch out for this season. I still like SAE Purple to improve as the season goes on and be in top shape for the playoffs, but for this week, they drop out of my rankings with two very strong 2-0 teams to replace them. Keep an eye on Kappa Sig Emrald, EX Blue and Fiji-Gold if anyone in the top 5 struggles.

Division to Watch: Monday 7:30. KA Gold and SAE Gold appear to be on crash course, and whoever wins could see a significant improvement in playoff position, plus the added confidence that a win over a tough competitor can often provide.


3. Hilltoppers (2-0, Last Week: Unranked)

2. Kappa Delta Green (0-0, Last Week: #2)

1. WKU Soccer (0-0, Last Week: #1)

Dropped Out: AOII (0-1, Last Week: #3)

Hilltoppers enter the power rankings this week on the strength of a 2-0 start. The 2 wins weren’t as surprising as the 78 points their offense put up. Unfortunately our top two teams haven’t taken the court yet, but we haven’t seen anyone yet whose given us a reason to drop them.

Division to watch: Wednesday 6:30. Our top two teams are in this division and their meetings should be a good preview of a late round tournament game. It’s also a good chance for them to find each others strengths and weaknesses before it’s all on the line.

Agree with these rankings? Disagree? Either way, post a comment or tweet us at @wkuintramurals. Keep an eye or for more blogs as well as the weekly podcast each Monday.

All records are updated as of 3pm on 2/19/14

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