THEY ARE WHAT WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! – Basketball Week 3 Upset Alerts

Topper Nation, I hope you all got a chance to watch some intense basketball last week here in the Preston Center. Last week’s sets of games did not disappoint, and week may be foreshadowing some potential upsets.

Division I Upset Alert – Team Win (1-0) vs. Underdawgs (0-1)

While the Underdawgs are 0-1 on the season, I wouldn’t sleep on the team’s potential. Team Win, our D1 champions from last season, don’t have the weapons or depth from last year which makes this game much more interesting. Come watch the action on Tuesday night, this game tips off at 8:30pm.


CoRec Upset Alert – Farmhouse/AOII (0-2) vs. Sigma Chi/Chi Omega (1-0)

If you think this is just going to be a rollover game, think again: the Farmhouse gents lead the fraternity league in offensive rebounds, and the ladies of AOII have one of the best defenses in our women’s league. Combine those qualities plus some absent talent in the previous weeks makes them a deadly squad that can shut down a a well rounded EX/Chi O squad led by Will Conley and Jensen Ricke. Game time: Thursday @ 8:30pm

Division II Upset Alert – Dirty Mike and the Boys (0-2) vs. Mimosa Minutemen (1-1)

The Mimosa squad loses a crucial post player for violation of team rules, and look for an aggressive Dirty Mike team to seek out their first win against a weakened opponent. Game Time: Wednesday @ 8:30pm.

Women’s Upset Alert – WKU Girls (1-0) vs. WKU Soccer (2-0)

While both teams have unblemished records, the skill level the WKU Girls bring to the court is unmatched. The reason WKU Girls are on upset alert: tempers seem to fly, this team had a breakdown last week against Kappa Delta, and almost cost them a win. With WKU Soccer’s team unity and matched athleticism, watch the soccer girls for an upset. Game time: Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Fraternity Upset Alert – EX Gold (2-0) vs. FH Saw Dusters (1-1)

Sigma Chi Gold looks to extend their win streak to 3 games, but Manny Serrano and the Farmhouse boys look to end that with their spectacular offensive rebounding skills. Game time: Sunday @ 8:30pm.

check back with us Monday, the expert panel will be back – talking basketball, soccer, softball and BATTLESHIP! Tweet at us @wkuIntramurals!

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