Basketball Power Rankings (As of 2/27)

We’re back with this week’s basketball power rankings along with an added twist. We’re also going to give you our Midseason All League Team, the top 5 players in each league to this point in the season.


5. Lady Topper Elite (2-1, Last Week: #4)

4. ADPI Diamond (3-0, Last Week: Unranked)

3. Mimosa Minutemen+Women (2-0, Last Week: #3)

2. The Money Team (3-0, Last Week: #2)

1. FIJI/AOII (3-0, Last Week: #1)

Dropped Out: SAE/KD (2-1, Last Week: #5)

ADPI Diamond shakes up the Co-Rec rankings by coming out to a 3-0 start, including wins over tough opponents NWO and WKU DPT. They impressed us enough to bump Lady Topper Elite and SAE/KD back in the rankings despite wins by both teams

Co-Rec Midseason All League Team: Eric Jones (ADPI Diamond), Eric Blair (FIJI/AOII), Randi Burke (LXA/ChiO), Kelby Taylor (ATO/AGD), Zachary Eastham (Mimosa Minutemen+Women)

Division I

5. We Just Hoop (2-1, Last Week: Unranked)

4. Who’s Next (2-1, Last Week: Unranked)

3. Team Win (2-0, Last Week: #3)

2. “Us” against “Them” (3-0, Last Week: #2)

1. NWO (3-0, Last Week: #1)

Dropped Out: None

The favorites keep winning, not much change to the power rankings this week, but there are some showdowns coming up that could lead to shakeups for next week.

Division I Midseason All League Team: Ryan Lewis (NWO), Othello Bell (“Us” against “Them), Armin Hadziomerovic (Team Win), Kyle Westerfield (Underdawgs), Austin Cremins (We Have Scalabrine)

Division II

5. Heatles (3-0, Last Week: Unranked)

4. Unusual Suspects (2-0, Last Week: #5)

3. Beastmode (2-0, Last Week: #4)

2. Shield and Diamond (2-0, Last Week: #3)

1. Team Poland (2-0, Last Week: #1)

Dropped: The Pancake Thugs (1-1, Last Week: #2)

A loss by the #2 team shifts everybody up and also welcomes  Heatles to the Power Rankings. Division II is still wide open with The Bricklayers, Killer Instinct, Free Bieber all poised to crack the rankings if they continue to win.

Division II Midseason All League Team: Andrew Diedrich (Heatles), Ryan Shaw (Team Poland), Mohammad Sheikh (Beastmode),  Xzaveion Price (Big Goonies), Cody Mattingly (The Bricklayers)


5. KA Gold (2-0-1, Last Week: #4)

4. SAE Gold (2-0-1, Last Week: #1)

3. LXA (2-0, Last Week: #5)

2. FIJI (2-0, Last Week: #3)

1. EX Gold (3-0, Last Week: #2)

Dropped out: None.

Ties are rare in intramural basketball, never mind ties between two teams in the top 5 of the power rankings, which is exactly what happened between KA Gold and SAE Gold when they met on Sunday 2/23. It gave our experts fits about what to do with the power rankings, but we still feel these teams deserve a spot in the top 5.

Fraternity Midseason All League Team: Eric Blair (FIJI), Chris Brasher (SAE Gold), Austin Disney (EX Gold), Jonathan Clements (KA Gold), Wade Weatherholt (FIJI)


5. AOII (1-2, Last Week: Unranked)

4. ChiO (1-1, Last Week: Unranked)

3. Hilltoppers (1-1, Last Week: #3)

2. WKU Girls (2-1, Last Week: Unranked)

1. WKU Soccer (2-0, Last Week: #1)

The 27-22 win over WKU Girls locked down the top spot for WKU Soccer, but we were so impressed with WKU Girls performance that they take the #2 spot this week. With a lot of teams in the Women’s division at 1-1, top spots in the playoffs will be fiercely contested.

Women’s Midseason All League Team: Daysha Pruitt (WKU Girls), Jensen Ricke (ChiO), Stephanie Lindsey (WKU Soccer), Tessa Lanham (AOII), Chandler Clark (WKU Soccer)


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