Best/Worst Intramural Team Names – Softball Addition

Soccer season and softball season are ready to blast off next week. Let’s preview some soccer favorites to win it all:

Soccer – Men’s

ATO Gold – Experience meets athleticism, expect a finals appearance.

Sigma Chi Gold – A solid squad of athletes plus a weak schedule will bold well for the boys.

Chops FC – Skilled players and tallest goalie in WKU-Intramurals history make for a tough team to beat.

Soccer Women’s

KD Green – The ladies of Kappa Delta dominate all outdoor sports. Soccer shouldn’t be any different, led by Ashley Flener.

AOII – A team that finished in last place the previous year, but has reloaded with athletes all around. Be on the lookout.

Soccer CoRec

The SUPERS – Shannon Boone leads a squad of experienced mid-fielders and defenders to run through a watered-down division.

KA/KD – Kappa Alpha doesn’t have the strongest group of guys, but KD is ready to put the team on their back.

Softball Team Names – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

Plain White T’s – Hey There Dehlia

The Great Bambinos – Sandlot reference. Instant Gem

Puigs in a Blanket – In 10 years this will be an awful team name due to overuse. For now though, its pretty awesome.

The Bad

Team BAB – Babes against Bacon??

One Hit Wonders – Hopefully you guys will have more than one hit…

The Ugly

Where My Pitches At? – The pitches are flying right by you if you swing the bat like you come up with team names.

Check back with us next week for a recap of soccer and softball from the first week.


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