Intramural Bracketology (As of 3/5)

With some small conference tournaments already underway, and the rest getting underway shortly, bracketology is all the buzz in sports talk right now. After having two nights of games cancelled, we thought we’d take a break from our power rankings and bring you Intramural Sports own version of Bracketology. In this blog we will bring you the “#1 seeds,” the “last four in” and the “first four out”  for whom their next games will determine whether or not they make it to the postseason in their respected leagues.


#1 Seeds: ADPi Diamond, FIJI/AOII, Mimosa Minutemen+women, The Money Team

Last Four In: SAE/KD (2-1), FH/AOII (1-1), The Tropics (1-2), Team Name (2-1)

First Four Out: FIJI (2-1), KA/ADPI (0-2), Minton Mafia (1-2), Team Name (1-2)
All these teams are in contention for playoff spots, but the last four in have the schedule and the skills to win the games they need to win down the stretch to get in.

Division I

#1 Seeds: Who’s next (3-1), “Us” against “Them” (3-0), NWO (3-0), Team Win (2-0)

Last Four In: Butter Boys (1-2), Trap Season (1-1), We Have Scalabrine (1-2), Kentucky Colts (1-2)

First Four Out: Main Event (1-2), Underdawgs (0-2), YMCMB (0-3), Rebound (1-2)

Division I has been a wide open race all year, any team can beat any team on any night. This will make for an interesting playoff race in all of the divisions.

Division II

#1 Seeds: Team Jacob (3-0), Beastmode (3-0), Heatles (3-0), The Bricklayers (3-0)

Last Four In: Bucketologists (2-1), Big Goonies (2-1), BCMontage (1-1), The Pancake Thugs (1-1)

First Four Out: Hardwood Hopefulls (1-2), Pippen Ain’t Easy (1-2), Dem Church Boyz (1-2), The Squad (1-1)

Our last four in feature some teams that were in our preseason power rankings, which demonstrates how tough this league has been to predict all year. We fully expect these teams to step up when the games matter most.


#1 Seeds: EX Gold (4-0), FIJI Glass Slipper (4-0), FIJI (2-0), SAE Gold (3-0-1)

Last Four In: KA Hilly’s (1-2), SigEp Red (1-3), ATO Gold (1-1), KappaSig Gold (2-1)

First Four Out: EN White (1-1), EX Black (0-2), SAE White (1-2) FH Sawdusters

KA has to be the surprise of the Fraternity league this year, with a 4-0 team and 2 other teams poised to make playoff runs, KA has a chance to play spoiler to quite a few teams as we move toward the playoffs.


#1 Seeds: WKU Soccer (2-0), ChiO (1-1)

Last Teams In: Hilltoppers (1-1), WKU Girls (2-1)

First Teams Out: AOII (1-2), Alpha Xi Delta (1-2)

With the Tuesday 7:30 division all with 1-1 records, this may be the most exciting league of all in the last weeks of the season. One game could lead to significant movement in the playoff picture


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