Where did they come from? Surprise Teams of the Basketball Season

Hello toppers! Hope you all enjoy your spring break. Before you head off the PCB (or home), let’s take a look at some teams that came out of nowhere this basketball season to shock the world and are worthy enough for a playoff berth.

Team Jacob (Division II) (4-0) – A few weeks ago I made fun of this team for having a team name that would have made my fiancé fall in love with them. No it seems they’ve taken that anger and applied it to an undefeated regular season – averaging 47 points per game.

ADPi Diamond (CoRec) (3-0) – I can honestly say I was flabbergasted when I saw this team at 3-0, especially in a division that carries probably the toughest teams in CoRec. By holding their opponents to only 23 points per game, they rank in the top 5 defensive teams in CoRec.

We Just Hoop (Division 1) (2-1) – Even with a loss on their record, We Just Hoop has displayed tremendous athleticism and team cohesion to place them on a track to the playoffs. Captain Lemuel Dozier leads all D1 players in rebounds.

KA Gold (Fraternity) (3-0-1) – KA Gold makes this list because they currently hold the tiebreaker over SAE Gold in Sunday 7:30pm division by 3 points. While KA Gold wasn’t expected to be a terrible squad, no one – not ever Ray Charles – saw them finishing the regular season undefeated.

Chi O (Women’s) (1-1) – With still half the season left for the ladies of Chi Omega, look for Abby Woosley and Randi Burke to have big games and trash their opponent’s hopes of making the playoffs.

Heatles (Division II) (3-0-1) – The Heatles, another team I bashed for a lame team name, has risen to the top team in Division II. These gents have scored over 210 points in their 4 regular season games. A deep playoff run is in the horizon for this group!

FIJI Glass Slipper (Fraternity) (4-0) – Are they good? Maybe, we’ll actually never know because their division is weaker than store brand paper towels. But they are undefeated and will own at least

Keep safe this spring break. We’ll be back with a podcast the Monday following the break, analyzing the last week of the regular season and previewing soccer and softball.


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