Final Four Predictions

The NCAA Final Four is set, so naturally our focus shifts to intramural sports, where one of our experts will wildly speculate on the four teams that will be the last left standing in each league


So we cheated a little on this one, the final four is already set. So much like that guy in every bracket pool who got all his final four teams in a different bracket he submitted with “other friends,” we’re going to say that we got them all right. We will pick the final four match-ups though.

I’ve got #5 Lady Topper Elite over #8 WKU DPT, despite the impressive upset of the #1 seeded Mimosa Minutemen+women, WKU DPT’s cinderella run ends here. Lady Topper Elite has too much firepower and focus to be upset in the Final Four.

Nobody likes the guy who picks chalk, but I’m going to have to go with #2 Money Team over #6 SAE/KD. The Money Team rarely turns the ball over and runs very efficient offense. Expect to see some points on the scoreboard, but in the end the Money Team will have more of them.

Division I:

Final Four Picks: #1 NWO, #5 Team Win, #7 We Have Scalabrine, #2 Mimosa Minutemen Black

NWO was wire-to-wire #1 in our power rankings, and we’re not jumping off the bandwagon now (though it is getting a little crowded)

Team Win is last years defending champion and their only loss comes to the #1 seed, it’s not much of an upset as they are only the #5 seed, but we like them in their first round match-up

We Have Scalabrine’s biggest struggle all year has been lack of depth, but in one game they can beat any team in Division I, the 3-pointer makes all the difference in their first round match-up as they advance to the final four.

#2 Mimosa Minutemen Black’s only loss was to their first round opponent, Who’s Next? and it was in their first game. It was a back and forth game and Mimosa was a couple of bounces from winning the game. Mimosa has had an entire season to gel as a team, and I think that’s the difference as they advance to the Final Four.

Division II

Final Four Picks: #1 Team Jacob, #7 Team Poland, #3 Show Out, #4 Heatles

Despite Division II being the most wide open of all the divisions, I went with a lot of chalk here. #1 Team Jacob made it through the regular season with only one close game, which they pulled out over #7 Team Poland.

#7 Team Poland got on our radar right away with a close preseason game against the defending Division I champions, Team Win. Losing to the #1 seed during the regular season is nothing to be ashamed of and doesn’t scare us at all. A Final Four rematch with #1 Team Jacob might be the most anticipated game of the playoffs.

#3 Show Out comes out of the toughest section of the bracket. Free Beiber is no slouch even at the #14 seed and both the 1509ers and Workforce could provide a tough test in the second round, but there’s a reason Show Out went 4-0 in the regular season and we expect them to rise to the occasion.

#4 Heatles, if not for a tie against an inspired Free Beiber team, the Heatles could very well have been a number seed. They come out of a tough division that has prepared them well for a run at postseason intramural glory.


Final Four Picks: #1 FIJI, #4 LXA, #2 EX Gold, #6 KA Gold

#1 FIJI, #4 LXA and #2 EX Gold all enter the post-season undefeated and we see no reason to pick against any of them to this point. EX Gold and FIJI are both looking to make the Final Four for the second straight year and that gives them a little extra motivation to survive and advance.

#6 KA Gold should have no trouble with first round opponent EX Blue, but their second round match-up with #3 FIJI Glass Slipper should be a barn burner. Both teams have talent, but has anyone mentioned the division that FIJI Glass Slipper plays in was not the toughest we’ve ever seen? KA Gold’s battle with SAE Gold provides them the experience needed to win tough games and Austin Remmers will have the chance to come up big for KA Gold and propel them to the Final Four.


Final Four Picks: #1 WKU Soccer (already in), #4 Hilltoppers, #3 Chi O, #2 WKU Girls

The favorites are favorites for a reason in the Women’s tournament. With many of the teams already meeting during the regular season, we fully expect the same results in the postseason. Things should get interesting in the Final Four however, as all four of these teams has the firepower to take home the title.


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