Weekly Basketball Power Rankings by J.J. Wilbon


  1. KA Crimson
  2. FIJI Purple
  3. Pike Diamond
  4. EX Gold
  5. Sigma Nu


  1. AOII
  2. WKU Soccer
  3. shots for shots


  1. Shell Shocked
  2. Fiji/KD
  3. Fiji Fun
  4. Physical Therapy
  5. Dropping Dimes

Power Rank Match-ups:

Shell Shocked vs Fiji Fun  on Mar. 3rd

Fiji/KD vs Dropping Dimes on Feb. 23rd


  2. Da ville
  3. Bashers
  4. Dogs
  5. Showtime

Power Rank Match-ups:

Da ville vs Dogs  on Mar. 2nd

Bashers vs TEAMBALLOUT Feb. on 22nd


  1. The Underdogs
  2. Lake SHow
  3. BeastMode
  4. The Goon Platoon
  5. Heavy Weights

Power Rank Match-up:

Lake Show vs Heavy Weights on Feb 24th


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