Weekly Basketball Power Rankings by J.J. Wilbon


  1. WKU Soccer
  2. The Team
  3. Has Beens and Never Weres
  4. KD Green
  5. 2015 IM Basketball Champs

Games to watch: 

3/1 @ 8:30pm – KD Green vs Has Beens and Never Weres

3/2 @6:30pm WKU Soccer  vs The Team


  1. I Love Soccer Players
  2. KIJI
  3. PiKAOPi
  4. Down In The DMs
  5. Net Cleaners

Games to watch: 

2/29 @ 7:30pm – I Love Soccer Players vs PiKAOPi

Men’s D1

  1. Harvey’s Angels 2
  2. The Chasers
  3. We Got Next
  4. Pippen Ain’t Easy
  5. One Nation

Games to watch: 

2/29 @ 6:30pm – Pippens Ain’t Easy vs The Chasers

3/3 @ 7:30pm -One Nation  vs Harvey’s Angels 2

Men’s D2

  1. Better Without Justin
  2. Gryffindor
  3. CSF
  4. Ya Mom’s Favorite Hoopers
  5. Alcoballics


  1. Fiji Purple
  2. Sigma Chi Gold
  3. Pike Daddy’s
  4. Sigma Chi White
  5. SAE Purple

Games to watch: 

3/3 @ 8:30pm -Sigma Nu White  vs SAE Purple


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