Michael Zee’s Marvelous Predictions for the 2016 WKU Flag Football Playoffs

With the regular season over with, now the second season will begin. The regular season doesn’t always reflect each team’s true identity on the field. So I’m going to go through here and point out the heavy favorites and which teams could be dark horses in each respective league, where every team is wanting that championship t-shirt on Oct. 26th.

Let’s get the wheels rolling with the Women’s League. The heavy favorite to win this league are the ladies of Chi Omega RED. They have had a stout offense and defense all year long led by Abbey Woosley at the quarterback position, while the pass rush is leading the way on the defensive side. Within the ladies league the team to not overlook is Fumble This. Fumble This has a had a stellar run offense all year long led by the always hard to defend triple option and leading rusher Bailey Bean, but their defensive efforts has been a little lackluster all year long, but if they can get their defense figured out, I would be on the watch out for them to make a deep run in the playoffs.

Moving onto the Co-Rec League, the heavy favorite is your #1 seed, FIJI CHIO. When you have a quarterback like Ben Brooks who can sling the ball down field to anyone really, it’s hard to stop that potent of an offense. Enough about their flashy offense, lets talk about their defense. This team has been so good on the defensive side of the ball, they haven’t given up a touchdown all year, they do that in the playoffs and they will for sure be your champs. Word up and down the hill has it that the #11 seeded Unusual Suspects will be the dark horse of this league and take it all with their veteran experience led by the, Jordan Gardner and past performances in the playoffs.

Let’s get straight to the point in the Fraternity League, SAE Gold are the reigning champs led by Justin Frost and Connor Ross. This duo could be facing a tough rematch of last year’s championship game in the quarterfinals against FIJI Purple and Jonathan Blair. SAE Gold are one of the favorites to win and repeat as champs, but FIJI Purple, one the sleeper teams as the #11 seed could end their back-to-back dreams early. Each of these teams has stellar pass rushers who are agile and fast like flash. SAE Gold’s pass rush is led by Austin Sutcliffe, while FIJI Purple’s pass rush is led by Joshua Hicks, both of which can get to the quarterback with ease with their speed. Both of these teams run through their respective quarterbacks, Connor Ross for SAE Gold and Ben Brooks for FIJI Purple, without them both of these teams would struggle heavily without their offensive leaders. That’s the bottom half of the bracket, the top half isn’t as daunting and grueling, but Sigma Nu Gold has proven worthy of the #1 spot by being a defensive juggernaut all year long only giving up on average 5 PPG and have the best chances to make it to the championship game like they should, since they’re the top seed.

We can’t forget about the always competitive and overlooked Men’s League.  This year, there isn’t any clear favorite or front runner to just pull away and make me say, “that’s the team, that’s the team that will win this year.” The one thing I do feel like will happen though is that the champion will come from the top half of the bracket having to face the fast tempo and speedy guys of G.O.A.T. in the championship game.

Well here you have it folks, my predictions for this years 2016 flag football playoffs here at Western Kentucky University. It’s been a pleasure writing to everyone, but time for me to sign off. Michael Zee, OUT.


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