Michael Zee’s Flag Football Championship Preview and Predictions

Folks there you have it, the championship games are set for the four leagues. Each of these teams has earned their respective spots in the championship games. Some match ups were expected as others not so much, but what we all know is someone will be crowned winner at the end of the night. Today, I’m going to breakdown the two teams in each championship game.

Let’s kick things off with the CoRec championship game. FIJI CHIO has proven that they’re deserving of the #1 seed by only giving up nine points the whole year. Their path has consisted of a 40-9 win over Sigma Nu/AXiD and then a semifinal win over SAE & Girls with a score of 33-0. This team is ready for the championship game tonight against whom else, but the #2 seed AOII/Sigma Chi. Just like it was scripted to be, #1 vs. #2. Is this not the match up many wanted to see? The #2 seed AOII/Sigma Chi’s path was a lot tougher than that of FIJI CHIO, but AOII/Sigma Chi fought hard and managed to get to the championship game. Their route consisted of a 28-0 victory over Dream Team and then a hard fought battle against the Unusual Suspects that ended up being 24-21 with a game winning field goal late by the always clutch and Mr. Ice in his veins himself, Spencer Renfro. This is a primetime game between these two teams and it’s going to be close, but FIJI CHIO will win a close one 23-18, with FIJI CHIO scoring one late with a TD reception by Randi Burke and not allowing enough time left on the clock for AOII/Sigma Chi to do anything with the ball.

The Fraternity championship game shaped out to be the same way CoRec has with a battle between the #1 &#2 seeds. The #1 seeded Sigma Nu Gold has not scored more than 14 points all playoffs, but quarter back Wes McDermott is due for a big game sometime soon. This defense will be tested tonight by the heavily loaded and talented offense of KA Gold and led by star studded receiver Brooks King. His play making abilities have been more then exceptional these playoffs and could be the key to KA Gold bringing the hardware home. Sigma Nu Gold has proven that they deserved the #1 seed, but KA Gold is here to spoil their run as the best team and will win tonight 20-12 with Brooks King being the MVP of the game.

The women’s championship game consists of two heavily powered offenses. Alpha Delta Pi being the four seed had to really grind to get here, but they did, by winning 15-7 over Fumble This and 15-8 over KD Green. Looks like the magic number for these ladies is 15. This offense is led by the athleticism of Meagan Hash and her ability to stop on a dime and cut back the other way. Their opponent Chi Omega Red has had some better scoring outputs with a 27-6 win over Phi Mu and a 27-6 win over ADPi White. Looks like 27 is the magical number for Chi Omega Red. Temple Ricke and Abby Woosley have led them on both sides of the ball, but tonight Chi Omega Red will look to Kolbi Edens to lead the way to victory in a 27-15 win over Alpha Delta Pi, with Krysten Barlow being a factor on both sides of the ball tonight.

As my first blog stated about the men’s league, the winner will come from the top half of the bracket and it looks like Black Friday DC is that team. They’ve made it this far by winning the most games, since they had the play-in game. Their path consisted of a 33-19 win over Gamma Alpha, 18-14 upset of the #1 seed Diddle’s Doughboys, and then another upset of the #5 seed Team Dot 24-18. They’ve made it this far because of the quarterback play of Dalton Thompson and his ability to beat you in the air and on the ground. On the defensive side though the pass rushing ability of Donte Richards is what scares other teams away. On the lower half as predicted, G.O.A.T. made it to the championship game. The McMillan cousins lead this team on both sides of the ball.  James being the guy on offense and Zach being the guy on defensive side of the ball for G.O.A.T. Their path was tough, but not grueling with a 20-13 win over Hillraisers and then a 26-6 win over Vick’s Dawgs. This game will be a close one with Black Friday DC winning a nail biter 20-19.

You heard it here first on who’s coming home with the hardware this year in each of the respective leagues. Best of luck to all competitors and may the odds ever be in your favor.


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