Michael Zee’s Flag Football Championship Wrap-Up

Well ladies and gentlemen of Western Kentucky University, another season of Intramural flag football has come to an end here in Bowling Green, KY. For some teams it was a great time and ended how they thought it would while most teams were heartbroken and left empty handed. Each respectable team that won earned it fair and square. Let’s see how each came home with the hardware.

In the women’s league Chi Omega Red came out on top as I thought they would led by Kolbi Edens offensive performance and Randi Burke’s defensive performance. They led the charge for Chi Omega Red against Alpha Delta Pi in the championship game. Alpha Delta Pi struggled to get their running game going and with the running game basically nonexistent, the quarterback struggled all night trying to find open receivers. With Chi Omega Red’s defense leading the way, it was easy for their offense to move the ball down field and score. This game ended in a shutout, but wasn’t the only game of the night with a shutout.

The men’s championship game wasn’t much of a contest. G.O.A.T. ran away with a demanding victory 25-0 over Black Friday DC. The McMillen brothers led the way on the defensive side of the ball with their pass rush. They caused trouble all night for Dalton Thompson at quarterback. Thompsons never had enough time to get rid of the ball and was forced outside of the pocket all night. Flipping sides now, G.O.A.T.’s leading scorer of the night was Brandon Green with two touchdowns, one rushing and one passing. He wasn’t the quarterback Black Friday DC was expecting and threw them off their game plan. Speaking of dominant offenses, the Co-Rec championship game showcased that.

FIJI CHIO was dominant all night on both sides of the ball. Ben Brooks ability to move around and create plays with his feet is what kept their offense on their toes and upbeat. His leading receiver Jonathan Blair helped him out a lot as the safety valve when being pressured. AOII/Sigma Chi didn’t have answer for this type of offense. This team was dominant on the defensive side of the ball all year long, but, championship night they had a relapse and couldn’t jumpstart their motor. Logan Paris did what he could to try and get the defense going, but nothing was happening and it just turned out to not be their night. This game showcased two good offenses, but the fraternity league showcased two great defenses.

Fraternity championship game was the lowest scoring game of the night, but showcased two great defensive performances with KA Gold coming out on top 13-12. KA Gold’s defense came out on top with the performance Sawyer Vannatta had at defensive end that night, putting constant pressure on Sigma Nu Gold’s quarterback, Weston McDermott, all night. If we switch teams now, the same can be said for Sigma Nu Gold and their pass rush led by their quarterback Weston McDermott and Skyler Geralds. These two kept the pressure on KA Gold’s quarterback all night. It just so happened that KA Gold’s defense made that big play late in the game that led to the go-ahead and eventually winning touchdown.

It’s a sad day for most knowing a lot of people played their last ever WKU Intramural flag football game and for others it’s just another day where we have to wait for the next season to come around next fall. In other news, WKU Football team is going bowling for the 3rd straight year, GO TOPS!!!


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