Sort of, Kind of, Maybe, and I Don’t Know

This review of Intramural basketball and soccer will cover through the first two weeks who looks like the early front runners in each of the respective leagues. First thing first is a review all the basketball leagues through two weeks of play.

The fraternity league here on campus is competitive as it usually is every year. It sort of looks like the same thing is happening it has the past couple of years. FIJI Purple looking like the early on favorite to three-peat as champions. The same goes for the other teams that normally finish behind them. Teams like Sigma Chi Gold, KA Gold, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Kappa Sigma Scarlit will be there to challenge FIJI Purple like normal. The two surprise teams of this league are Sigma Nu Gold and their  revamped this year and the second leading scoring team Phi Delt Blue is looking like they’re ready to challenge for that #1 spot this year as well. This is early on predictions, but who knows who will make a deep run towards playoffs and who will fold, collapse, and crumble under the pressure of making playoffs and miss out.

The men’s league on campus this year saw a little bit of a reorganized league with the combination of Division I and Division II. With the two divisions joining together, things are looking kind of odd this year. All these teams in one league is just odd.  The men’s league has a total of 34 teams and just less than half will be making playoffs. That challenges all teams to give it their all every game and keep their sportsmanship up as well because an undefeated record doesn’t mean an automatic bid to the playoffs. Based off of points and sportsmanship being the first two things the committee will look at, it seems like the 5 teams battling for the #1 spot are the WKU Campus Police, Seven Squad, The Dream Team, and the Load. All five of these teams have a perfect record and sportsmanship rating. A couple of teams to lookout for though are The Rockets, The Chasers, and Diddle’s Doughboys. . Each of these teams has a perfect record, but a small blemish on their sportsmanship rating. We shall see how things play out and see who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t.

The Women’s league consists of only two divisions, but both divisions looking tough like normal. Maybe the women’s league will be the most competitive and toughest league out of all four because of the league only having two divisions. This league has four odds on favorites after two weeks consisting of Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega Red, Goon Squad, and Omega Phi Alpha. Just because these are the front-runners, that doesn’t mean they will be there at the end of the regular season. Who knows who will come out of the woodworks and become the #1 seed? It may be a surprise team that no one expects. Maybe one of the front-runners, will stay the one true frontrunner, we will have to wait to find out.

Lastly, the Co-Rec league, which, early on is looking like it’ll be one for the history books. I don’t know who will come out on top as the #1 seed, but I do know that Kiji, WKU DPT, FIJI/ChiO, Shot for Shots, and Sigma Chi AOII are all perfect with no blemishes so far. This causes for some early drama because the team no one has never heard of before, Shot for Shots is proving to be a team on a mission this year and prove everyone wrong. The only thing in there way are the Veterans stopping them like Kiji, Sigma Chi/AOII, and FIJI/ChiO will be trying their best to stop Shot for Shots from dethroning the veterans from their top spot. Things should be interesting in these final three weeks of the season for the Co-Rec division.


Everyone thinks basketball is the only sport that’s happening right now, but we have to realize that soccer’s first week was just played and is as important to the students and faculty/staff of WKU as basketball.

Each of the three soccer leagues are looking very aggressive in battling for the title of “Best Team” in each respective league, with multiple teams challenging for that spot. The men’s league has 8 teams with no blemishes in record or sportsmanship. Each of these teams proves to be worthy contenders for that title of “Best Team.” The women’s league has three teams contending. Chi Omega Straw and AOII are separating themselves from Alpha Delta Pi because AOII and Chi Omega Straw have a +5 and +6 goal differential while Alpha Delta Pi only has a +1 differential. This goal differential could be the difference from a “good” team and the “Best Team.” The Co-Rec league looks like, they had some cancellation throughout the first week of soccer, but the one team to capitalize on this opportunity so far is the duo of Sig Ep/Phi Mu. With an astounding record of 3-0 right now and an unprecedented perfect sportsmanship so far. If they keep this up; no team will come close to challenging them for “Best Team” in this league.

So as you can see WKU Intramural’s is not taken lightly amongst everyone and will always be competitive no matter what league, division, or sport you play. Everyone will always bring their best and try to be the best.

This is Michael Zee signing off, and may the odds be in your favor.


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