Playoffs?? We’re Talking About Playoffs??

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again, time for basketball and soccer playoffs. Soccer will be wrapped up this week and we will be crowning new champions. Basketball on the other hand has one week of regular season left. With several teams on the bubble, trying to play their way in or sit back and hope they make it.

Soccer had a great regular season finish to it and from the looks of it, certain teams may run away with championship in each league. In the Co-Rec division, WKU DPT A TEAM is the team to beat; they’re firing on all cylinders right now, so watch out. In the men’s league, it’s the World Team’s championship to lose. After returning to the playoffs again in back-to-back years as a top seed, it’s theirs for the taking. Lastly, in the women’s league, AOII put on a dominant performance and will look to continue that routine throughout playoffs and win the championship.

The regular season for basketball will be wrapping up this week, with plenty of teams trying to solidify and lock their spot in for the playoffs. This is easier said than done since each timeslot for the men’s league has at least three teams battling for playoff contention and rights; don’t expect anything but excitement from this league in the final week. A few people that could help make a run at the championship that are on Zen Masta Zee’s watch list are Donnie Bronaugh of Seven Squad, David Walls of Diddle’s Doughboys, Nigel Farmer of The Cartel, Jeffery Short of Hoover’s Hoosiers, Zach Weinstein of the Rockets and Jesse Espe of WKU Campus Police. All these guys should be watched closely to see how they fair in the playoffs. The fraternity league looks rather fascinating as well since all the timeslots have either 2-3 teams battling for a spot in the playoffs, except for one. The Wednesday night timeslot has its two teams locked for playoffs, which are Lambda Chi Alpha Gold and Sigma Nu Gold. Zen Masta Zee’s watch list for this league consists of one outstanding floor general in Jonathan Blair of FIJI Purple, two newcomers to the league in Nick Wells of SigEp Purple and Skylar Geralds of Sigma Nu Gold, and lastly the big guy that has been imposing his will on teams this year, Joe Ayers of Kappa Sigma Scarlit. Stay tuned to see how these guys perform after spring break.

The women’s league is almost set in terms of who’s in and whose out for the playoffs. There are only two timeslots for the women’s league and the Tuesday night timeslot is set with who’s making playoffs. However, the Wednesday night timeslot though is still a 3-team battle to see who makes playoffs and who doesn’t. Zen Masta Zee’s women’s watch has three girls to pay close attention too and they are Madison Loy of the Has Beens and Never Weres, Abby Woosley of Chi Omega Red, and Keeley Rogers of Alpha Delta Pi. These ladies have been hot of late and look to stay hot throughout playoffs. To wrap things up we have the Co-Rec league, which is in the same boat as the men’s league. All timeslots are still up for grabs on who will advance and  and who will not. Each timeslot has a 3-team race to see who’s dancing and who isn’t. To add on to this excitement, Zen Masta Zee has watched closely and believes these players will be the key to success for a championship run during playoffs. These people on the Co-Rec watch list are Tanner Clark of Sigma Chi/AOII, Ayla Hendrickson of “Rec”-ing Balls, Jacob Ricks of Kiji, and Temple Ricke of Sigma Nu/ChiO. These guys and girls have played well all year, but can they keep it up during playoffs?


This has been another report brought to you by, Michael Zee


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